Tuesday, February 24, 2009


When doing a project or research paper, I try to stay away from Wikipedia as much as possible, but I will occasionally look the information over before I completely rule it out. If I have found the information from a reliable resource and it was also on Wikipedia then I will use it. Other than that I do not use the information on there. The main reason is because of what I read on the websites we had to read for this blog. I knew that people could go in and add fluff, but I just can not believe places like Diebold and Walmart would go in and delete things that people should know about their companies. I believe the only way that Wikipedia would be a trusted source would be for people not to be able to edit the information and when this might happen I have no idea, but I think if they ever made it to where people could not edit information it would be a great source to find things from.

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