Friday, February 6, 2009


Although it took me a while to find these podcasts and to get itunes to work right, I found all three of the podcasts very interesting. The one's I listened to were SmartBoard Lessons, KidCast, and MacBreak weekly. I will be describing the three I was able to listen to and I will also explain the one I liked to most out of the three.

The first one I listened to was the Smartboard Lessons, which was pretty neat because I had to substitute today and I actually got to see a SmartBoard in person which was so cool. In episode 150 the speaker talked about several things. One being helpful links and things teacher can use and may want to use. The speaker also talked about ways to misuse your smartboard. Although they were telling their audience about the ways to misuse a smartboard, they explained them in a positive way which I thought was great. This one was my favorite because the speaker gave very useful information on a tool that I will be using in my own classroom.

Then, I listened to the KidCast podcast. I listened to the one titled "The Medium is not the Message". The speaker, Dan Schmit, gave really good advice about doing podcasts. I liked how he stated how kids are doing podcast just for fun and not to deliver a message. I agree with hime because I think it is a waste of time to do something unless your are going to do it to get a point across or to deliver a message.

The last one I listened to was MacBreak Weekly. The one I titled was la la leo. This one was probably my least favorite because it kind of sounded fake or something.I plan on listening to more podcasts soon and I am anxious to see how the one we record turns out.

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