Sunday, February 8, 2009

Last Semester Podcasts

The first podcast I listened to was Allison Midgette and Shaundretta Bethel's discussion on ways to use Facebook in an educational setting. I have a few things I liked and disliked about their podcast that they made.

One thing that I liked about this podcast is I had no idea those resources could be found on Facebook. The one I thought would be great to use in the classroom was the Tests that Allison found on English grammar and commonly confused words. I think there is probably so many more to be found, but that was what she was looking for. Shaundretta talked about how South was going to have their own Facebook page to keeep students update over the internet. I think that is a great idea. Most of the students have Facebook and this would be a great way to stay on top of things through this source. One thing I thought they could have improved on was their tone. They sounded like they were so bored. If you are going to do something where the listener can only hear someone's voice and not see them you need to sound a little more enthusiastic than they did. Another thing they could have improved on was they could have had a little bit more information than they provided. Allison only spoke on a few things as well as Shaundretta and I just think there is so much more information to be found then what they provided. Other than that I thought it was good.

The next podcast I listened to was Shyane Fant, Erica Sledge, and Ashley Cleveland's discussion on useful sites for elementary teachers. I thought this group did a great job in picking their sites because I think each site they described will be very useful in my own classroom.

Ashley started off by explaining this site you can go to and it has tutorials, power points, lesson plans, and much more for teachers to pull up and use in their classroom. I think this is great for teachers to use because not only does it help with Power Points, but it also helps with your lesson plans. I think the lesson plan part would be great for first year teachers who are not sure about what to do. Erica talked bout the ALEX website which I have already explored and can say for myself that it is a great website for teachers, students, and even administrators. It has everything you may need from lesson plans in each subject to distant learning for those who may not have a particular class at their school that they want to take. Shyane talked about website, which I thought was the best of the three because any teacher can use this site whether you may be high school, middle school, or elementary school. The thing I liked about this site was teachers can actually pull up lessons to teach on this site and it guides them in the direction they should go for that particular lessons. This was very helpful to me and I think I will use these sites when I become a teacher.

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