Monday, February 9, 2009

Fischbowl (November)

The month I chose to listen to on the "Best (?) of the Fischbowl 2007" was November. The title to this one was "Why Wireless?". This was really interesting to read and take in because what he brought about is very true about the Internet and education.

He talked about how people would wonder why they would allow this in schools because they thought students might get off track on the Internet when they should be listening in class. He claimed he did not know a solution to this problem, but he thought students still need Internet access for various reasons. One think students can access is their Campus Portal, which gives them direct access to their grades and assignments. They can also access teacher's websites where they can find notes, worksheets, and grades as well. He also stated that this allows school to last longer than the time allotted. Teacher's at AHS are using blogs and wiki's to send their student information they need to know as well as assignments. I liked how their schools environment seemed to be one where the students are respected by everyone and this is a place where they can come to learn and also they are able to learn away from school with this Internet access available to them. His last statement was Why Wireless? Because their century demands it. I believe in that statement so much because in our day and age because technology is what we live on.I believe that every school needs to take this stand because when these students get out in the real world they need to be very familiar with the Internet and all the technology we use today.

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