Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Growth" vs. "Fixed"

At the beginning of this video the Author of "Mindset" Carol Dweck stated that some students have the thought that they have to do a certain task correctly so that they will look or seem smart. She went on to explain how other students go into the learning process with the mindset that they are pretty much going to do their best while trying to better their intelligence by studying and being on tasks with their assignments. I thought this was very interesting for her to say because this is the honest truth and I feel that is what hinders most children from using their intelligence to the fullest. For one reason, a lot of children look at intelligence as sort of a competition. They want to be just as smart or even smarter as their friend. I wish that students would not go through school feeling this way because no matter how smart or not they may think they are, some students are smarter in one area than another student is and vice versa. We all have our strengths and weaknesses in certain areas. The 8 session workshop she talked about seems like a really great idea. She explained how it teaches people to learn at a growth mind set. She also talked about how the study skills they taught them did not work at all because they had no motivation what so ever. This is a major problem with children today. The main think you have to have dealing with any kind of education is motivation. I have to motivate myself to this day with education or I would not make it through college. I really enjoyed this video because Carol really explained this topic well giving her audience examples to understand what she is talking about like the race car driver.
This discussion greatly affects me as an upcoming teacher. It really has opened my eyes to how children really learn and mainly that most of them are just not motivated enough to learn and open up their minds to new things. I plan to use this as an opening to my class each year and explain to my students that if they are not motivated and if they are not ready to learn then they will greatly suffer. I think by me giving them a talk about how they need to have a growing mind will probably open their eyes and maybe they will then be motivated if they were not already.

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