Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Solar Eclipses

I listened to the podcast about Solar Eclipses from the K-5 section. This was a very interesting podcast because it explained in pretty good detail about what a Solar Eclipse is and what happens during one. A Solar Eclipse is when a shadow from the moon falls from the earth. The woman who was doing the podcast made some really good metaphors while explaining a Solar Eclipse she used a softball and a sidewalk to give an example about how the softball can only cover a small area. She explained that the sun does the same thing. It can only cover a small portion of the Earth at a time. She also went on to explain how only the people in the umbra can see the Solar Eclipse and someone standing on the penumbra will only see a partial eclipse. She also explained that if the moon was smaller or father away from the sun we would not have Solar Eclipses.
Podcasts like the Solar Eclipse one would be very useful to me when I become a teacher because I could play the podcast for the children to get a different way of explaining things like Solar Eclipses. I think it would also be a great tool to use for activity time because I could find some children music to play while they do their activities. I think it would benefit the children for me to find some related to math because all children need a little extra boost on math. I could find some fun math songs that might help them with math facts and problems. I think this tool will be a very big help for me when I become a teacher.

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  1. I watch that podcast and I thought it was a very good one. You did a good job on your post.