Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Twitter was probably the best assignment we had to complete in EDM in my opinion. For one, the people that I began to follow that are in the education/technology field have some really good ideas about things that I would not have found out without being apart of Twitter. Another reason I like Twitter is because of the many people you can become friends with. For example, I am friends with people all across the world like Oprah and our President Barack Obama. Even though these people may not really tweet, I think it is really cool to be able to see what they might think about something. One of the main things that helped me with Twitter is one of the teachers that I contacted on there. She has given me so many good ideas and she also gave me other people to follow to help me out with Twitter. I have also been using help materials to help me with certain things that I might want to do through Twitter.
I use Twitter every single day. I mainly like to get on to see if the other teachers I am following have put anything interesting/important that I think I should know. I also like to get on to see what my other classmates are up to and to see what all they have discovered on Twitter. I tweet everyday with the teacher that I am communicating with for our other assignment. I usually ask her a couple of questions a week and we chat back and forth through out the week.
Honestly, at first, I did not like Twitter at all, but I have to say that I have become to really like it. I thought that it was complicated at first, but after I did some research and got advice from other people who use twitter it was all pretty easy and I like using this tool. I plan on using Twitter from now on and especially when I become a teacher. The main reason is because there are other teachers that are available for me to get information from and the best part is it is FREE. I think all teachers would benefit from using Twitter.
The only negative I have about Twitter is the format. I think it is a little scattered and I think it could be more organized. I think if it were set up like Facebook or Myspace it would be a lot better. Other than that I have grown to really like Twitter.

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