Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Finding your Passion Changes Everything

I really enjoyed the lecture of Sir Ken Robinson. He was very funny and interesting at the same time. I feel like he did very well at explaining what he believed and I agree with what he is saying, but I do disagree on one aspect.
I agree that you do have to love what you are doing, but I think you should also be good at it as well. That was the only thing I disagreed with because I do not think just loving what you are doing is good enough. I think the only way some people love what they do is by being good at it as well. Other than that I agree with everything else he talked about in his lecture.I agree that you should have a natural attitude. I think this is a very important aspect at whatever you do in life. I do not think you should have to change your attitude about something you believe in. I also agree with him when he stated that you have to meet your own expectations, not another persons. This is a big problem in today's society because I believe people are trying to reach these expectations that they can not accomplish. Another thing I agree with is that he stated that if you do not know yourself as a person then you will not know what you like to do or what you are good at. A lot of people miss out on their calling because they just will not believe in themselves and they will never find out what they are good at because of this.
He stated three things that you need which are personal fulfillment,help from your community, and the Economy. These things are very vital in order to accomplish things in life. If you do not have these three things then it will be very hard for you to make it in life and be able to do the things you love to do. The last thing that I took from this lecture is that he stated education is about personal growth. I agree with this 100% because I think that school is sometimes the only place children can actually be themselves and have people that care about them.

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  1. Good point. He assumes that if you like it you will be good at it. That, as you point out, is not always the case.