Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Reflection of EDM

1. Blogs: I loved doing the blogs each week. I think this is a great way for people to think about things in a different way. I also think it is a great way to see what your other classmate thought about the same topic.
Presentations: I am pretty much used to doing presentations because each semester it never fails that I have to do a presentation for a class I am taking. I think it is a great way to learn about everyone in your class and a great way to connect with people.
Google Docs: This is probably my favorite thing about the entire class. This is a great tool for anyone to use, but it is awesome for students because no matter where you might be you can always pull up your work if you have a computer with Internet. I think this will be a great tool for me when I become a teacher because I will not have to worry about a jump drive to remember to bring with me to school.
Google Spreadsheets: I liked this tool as well. Mainly for the same reasons as Google Docs. This is going to be a great tool for me to use when I have my own class because I will be able to put any information that I may need on my students whether it may be their grades or personal information like their telephone numbers.
Picasa: This was really cool to learn about because I have never used this tool before. I thought all of the many tools you could use on this was just amazing. I will also be able to use this when I have my own classroom for pictures that I might want to use for my lessons.
Podcasts: The podcast assignment was probably my least favorite of them all. I enjoyed doing them and listening to my classmates as well, but I just feel like the information some of the students gave was already known. Other than that I enjoyed doing it.
Twitter: I have really enjoyed using Twitter. At first, I did not like it at all because for some reason I thought it was so confusing. After I researched and found some information from other people using Twitter it became a lot more clear to me. The only down fall to Twitter is the set up. I think it could be a lot more organized, but other than that I really like it.
Other Teachers: The teacher I have contacted has been really helpful to me on many different levels. She has given me so much good advice about being a teacher and she has also given me different ways that she uses technology in her classroom. She has also helped me contact other teachers to help me find out things on Twitter.
iTunes: I definitely plan on using iTunes when I become a teacher. It is a great way to get things like podcasts to share with your students about different topics. I have really enjoyed using this tool.
Who I am as a Professional: I really believe this class has broadened my knowledge on technology to a whole new level. I thought I already knew a lot about technology, but boy was I wrong. I think this class has helped me to become a better Professional and it has taken my technology skills to a whole new level.
Google Earth: I already knew the tools to Google Earth, but it was fun to play around with on the day you discussed it.
ACCESS/ALEX: This is a great tool for soon to be teachers as well as people who are already teachers. You can find things from lesson plans to activities to use in your classroom. This was a great thing for me to learn about and I will be using the site for reference in the future.
Foliotek: I do not understand why teachers haven't came to ask you how to use this tool. When you showed us how to upload our files in class that day from then on I have not had a problem with using Foliotek. People make it harder than it should be. I definitely learned how to use this tool a lot better when you showed us the shortcuts.
2. I think we learned everything that is essential to know about when becoming a teacher. You did a great job at explaining everything we needed to know.
3.No, I enjoyed everything we covered in this class. Some of the things may have been a little boring, but they were very important things that needed to be covered.

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  1. Thank you about your comments on Foliotek. I am amazed also!