Monday, January 26, 2009

International School Blogs

International SchoolsThe first International School I found that uses blogs is Manaia Kindergarten in New Zealand. One of the main reasons they made this blog was so they could keep in touch with their families back home and so they could show them how the children they we teaching progressed. Some of the things they have on this blog were pictures and stories of how they are renovating the school. They also post on their blog when students or teachers receive awards. They have pictures of the garden they planted. I thought this blog was very different from the U.S. school blogs, but it was in a good way. It seemed to be more interesting to me.

International SchoolsThe next International School I found that uses blogs was Ranzau School in New Zealand. Their blog is used for posting homework and putting new up for the school. The students could also post anything they wanted to. For instance, a student posted a picture of her and her rabbit on there and she told them a little about it. I thought that was really neat. What I liked about this blog was that it was focused around the students in her class. I thought the International blogs were more interesting than the United States blogs.

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